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1:1 Same Beam Pattern

LED light bulbs are made up of several small LED beads, so that they can be arrayed in any shape. Whether it is a reflector headlight or a projector headlight, if upgrading a halogen bulb to an LED bulb, the 1:1 beam position and size are one of the parametric considerations for the reflector in the headlight assembly to capture the light properly. They provide a more distinct light rather than diffuse light when installed in the projector housing.

Dynasty Led

Main features

Focus Precision

Accurate focusing capability


Super bright output

Pure Power Brightness

12,000 lumens

Color Tempeture

6,000K Pure White


8-32 V


Plug and Play

Quick Start:

Rapid ignition for fast activation

Water Resistance:

Waterproof for durability


Rapid cooling feature

Environmentally Friendly:

Designed with
eco-friendliness in mind

Temperature Resistance:

Capable of withstanding high and low temperatures


Electromagnetic compatibility Certificate


People pay more attention to the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic and electrical products. It is not only related to the reliability and safety of the products themselves, but also to the normal work of other equipment and systems. Therefore, EMC certification comes into being.
EMC includes EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMS (Electro Magnetic Susceptibility).

EMC is the ability of equipment and system to work normally in its electromagnetic environment and not to cause unbearable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in the environment.